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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  October 1, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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yndx. >> back here again tomorrow at 5:00. for more 5:00. meantime, "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now. i'm jim cramer, welcome to my world. >> they're going out of business, they're nuts! >> "mad money." you can't afford to miss it. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramer america. other people want to make friends, i'm trying to save you some money. my job is to educate you, so call me at 1800-743-cnbc. what happens if we get some good news in the market? you get what we had today when a key u.s. manufacturing index number showed an economic expansion. not a contraction. the dow rocking 78 points, the s&p gained and the averages were
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higher earlier in the day. now, we have had some decent data, housing numbers, auto sales, retail purchasing, but the figure from the institute for supply management it forced money to flood into the narkt at the beginning of the day. rather than flowing out of it. breaking the awful monday tradition. and the tide did hold up for most of the session. the bullish data coupled with last night's positive news out of china, the first month to month industrial changes converted the bulls into bears and made all the difference. tonight, i want to translate this news into a context that you can understand. maybe even make some money with. because it's right at the heart of why the market keeps rallying. we began q4 like we did for the last three quarters even as so people believed in the advanced still. you hear the phrase don't fight the fed. when i first heard it 30 years ago i had no idea what it meant. fight who? isn't this a business where we look at the cold, hard numbers and figure out whether the
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future going to be brighter and then determine how much we should pay for the earnings down the road? the answer is yes, sometimes that does work. but this is not one of those times. when the federal reserve talks about getting the economy moving by any means necessary it is talking about getting more data like today's terrific ism number. given that the chinese are doing the same thing, if you're betting against the market you're fighting major central banks around the world that are doing their best to generate good data and why does this overused cliche matter so much? ben bernanke said he's going to continue to buy bonds to keep interest rates down, so that this purchasing manager's number won't be an aberration. when you examine the fundamental stocks, you are playing what's known as the micro. when you take into account the big data numbers like the purchasing manager's index, you're making a macro analysis. again though like the idea of
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fighting the fed this micro/macro dichotomy might mean nothing to you unless you took ec 101. let's put it in terms that everybody can understand. anyone who's been to a museum or taken an art class knows that for years artists tried to paint pictures as if they were perfectly -- let's say they tried to capture the exact look. like a kodak camera. okay? that's called realism as the painters are indeed realistic. but as art progressed in the late 19th and early 20th century, you tend to get more -- let's say impressionist, less realist and then expressionists as the artists strugged to get beyond the four walls of the canvas, they took impressionism into the logical conclusion and coming up with spots and dots. my modern art class in college was affectionately known as. hmm, okay.
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what does this have to do with investing? you want to consider the microrealism. you analyze a painting by how well it captures the actual feel of the subject and that's what happens when you come up with the most accurate valuation of the stock. but the abstracts think the realists are more difficult to understand and let's say they're factors in other larger forces, rather than focusing on the company by company details. the result? the abstract painters are like the macro guys. the buyers of stocks who base their decisions on the ethereal moves of the fed that can't be pinned down by the realist thinkers. they imagine things the impressionists. often bullist thinh things that realists can't see. moreover, many fans of old school paintings can't understand ab tract art. in fact, they think it might not be art at all.
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many of them think it is worthless. i mean, you can only think, hmm, is that upside down? geez, you know, well, i mean, this could be upside down. this i don't know. there are other times when the expressionists artists like jackson pollack or mark rothgo have tens of millimoreworth, ana lot of picassos. where we value the imagination with the central banks of the world, more than we value the trap thinking of the realists, of course, it's an ongoing tug of war as we saw at the end of the day when the realists pushed back because of the fundamentals of the individual companies. they simply aren't good enough for most money managers. plus, the fact that apple was down. that tends to cast a pall on the whole art show. when federal express disappoints we think what they were thinking? the realistic thinking of the
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market, rembrandt is far more grim and accurate than the abstract view. but when we get a robust one, that's a validation of those prices they're paying for the art. but there's nothing they can do about it other than rail at the gains and portray them as unrealistic and unsustainable even though they take them at the bank. here's the real difficulty for the realists who are sticking to their guns. they tend to be doing the worst, stocks like the banks with pathetic earnings or the oils which need a much stronger global economy and higher oil prices to meet the expectations or the copper or the aluminums. i mean, at one point that was leading us all day. we can bounce back between higher values for the realistic versus the impressionists. but the one thing to know, there's no right or wrong. there is no judgment to be made by you about whether you hate
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the modern art stocks or totally embrace them. i for one love cezanne. what matters though is trying to figure out which art work's drawing the dollars right now. if you want to make money in the market we have to recognize which school of thought has the edge at the moment and just run with it. i learned this lesson the hard way. at various times i refused to recognize that the fed can raise the stocks and bet against the fed and only to discover when it turned positive, like today, i missed the entire move as i cherish my out of date rembrandt view. of the fun dids. i'm not a curator of museum of stocks. however, i'm a stock art dealer. all i can tell you is that you have to value both schools. the microrealist and the macro impressionist and accept them as actionable even if you disdain them. you leave your real taste to the art galleries you frequent, not
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the stock galleria. here's the bottom line. when you fight the fed you're fighting the values the marketplace is putting on the expressionist even those who paint in spots and dots. that's fine. nobody says you have to buy. but if you want to make the most money you need to recognize on a day like today, the moderns did end up being winners and if you fight the pricing, you may just be fighting the history of when the fed does its best painting. even if it is by the numbers. eddie in new york, please. eddie? >> caller: hi, jim. this is eddie from brooklyn. >> i was there in brooklyn last week, i love it there. >> caller: okay. i never miss your show. but i have a question for you. what is your opinion of lej now that they're working with j.c. penney? >> well, they've been a terrific performer. and it's got some automotive. this is a stock that herm green
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burg and i have agreed on. really well run company and i value his judgment on whether a company is doing the right thing or not. let's go to joy in my home state of new jersey. >> caller: how you doing? >> real good, how are you? >> caller: i'm great. well, i became interested in generack holds but i figured there would be disruptions in the power grid. i gave it a miss and it's had a great run. so jim i'm just wondering if your opinion is it a buy at this time? >> i don't know. i don't know. i always presumed if you wanted to do portable generator the only play in town is cummings. we have to find by thursday whether this is a bull or a bear. i promise to get back to you. let's go to brendl in illinois. >> caller: hey, we subscribe to
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your newsletter and love it. you're the highway t investing. your past recommending as for farrow gas and we bought it, and i bought it at $28 and i bought in again when it went down. right now i'm at about $23 a share. with the news today, should i hold it, what should i do? >> remember, i did sour on the propa propa propane, it became cost p prohibiti prohibitive, all the companies are shooting each other to ribbons. the number was not good. i did not like the fact they had other bit of news that was not that positive. that's it. i don't know how much more it can go down, but there's a cop-out for me. i don't like farrel gas anymore. i'm sorry about any confusion it may have engendered. picture perfect is something, this market is not. there's the real and then the abstract. today, the macro abstract.
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"mad money" will be back after the break. coming up, seasons greetings. apple picking, jack-o'-lanterns and tonight, cramer is showing you how to get your portfolio set up to generate some spending cash. later, war on the web? the internet tech giants have been locked in a bat for search supremacy but is it finally time to say yes to yahoo! or should you search for a different stock? cramer decides. plus, industrial strength? prolodge us is operating a portfolio of warehouses and commercial real estate around the world. tonight, cramer is talking to the ceo to get a real read on the economy, just ahead. all coming up on "mad money." don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jim cramer at tweeter.
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here's one area where playing football and "mad money" have a lot in common. we call it the check down. that's when the quarterback considers whom he should pass the ball to. checking down one receiver after another, find out who's open. who can score. and then hits him while he's uncovered. the best quarterbacks have a list in their heads about who to go to first, second, third, fourth, sometimes fifth. money managers perform the same check down too. we don't call it that. you can follow along and i do it for this show as i search for ideas that have enough merit to be noted on "mad money." how does it work? okay, today's the beginning of new quarter but what like to do at a start of the quarter is look at the winners or losers to see if anything piques my
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interest. i used to do it with my hedge fund. the best performer on the dow on the third quarter was home depot up 14%. however, we're no strangers to the thesis here and we already own the stock for the charitable trust, push it endlessly on "mad money." part of the check down is to find something new, home depot is anything but new. it is tried and retried but still true. how about procter & gamble up 14%. and i pulled down mcdonald, the ceo from the wall of shame. and he's introduced new products like the tipods that have taken a huge share. now it needs to rest or pull back. if it does, we'll be there both for the trust and for the show, but again, a well-covered name. how about among the dogs, tough, tough, tough. the number one loser is intel,
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down 15% last quarter. it sports a 4% yield, but i have no bull case for the stock. they pre-announce they're not in the fastest growing markets. behind that is hewlett-packard. nothing there. i just think it's the ultimate value trap. also ran pcs, decliner printer business. second-rate consulting no thanks. you know what i would rather do? i'd rather ground the ball intentionally than toss it to hewlett-packard. that's like a pick. nothing else to intrigue me and then i checked out the s&p. chiefly looking here for laggards because the winner is pcs. sprint up 69%s. tesaro is up way too much. you know i like sprint but to start without a new pull back seems ludicrous to me. under $5 that's a different story. how about the s&p's loser, amd down. and big lots up 24%. let's say, amd no, investable --
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uninvestable. big lots is executing terribly. now, monster down 24 cent, i'm calling it intriguing, but still up 17% for the year. i remain concerned that the energy drinks are going to be called into question by the health authority. share loss, difficult to reverse. so my dow jones player is well covered. my s&p receiver can't get any separation. what's left? at this point in my favorite thing to check down is to see what index or group is so far behind the market that there's something that could play catch-up. with the market as hot as this one and i know people don't think it's hot but it really is, what i like to do is find a real laggard. almost every group is up. almost every one. lo and behold not only is there an index that isn't keeping pace, there's one that's down. that's the transports. they were off at one point very badly today. that's a terrific opportunity in and of itself. i know if there's nothing in the other indices, my intended
6:19 pm
receiver is going to be in the transport group. but which one? they're all down a lot. all looking terrible. i shouldn't say all. some aren't. first the airlines. i try to keep an open mind with my group. think of how terribly set-up the airlines are for the fourth quarter. you have a weak economy and high fuel costs. i don't think they come down. no to the airlines. trucking and freight, oh, man, with that preannouncement by federal express and then they gave a gloomy outlook, if fedex is doing badly i don't want to buy united parcels. they have gotten more and more competitive as the years have gone. conway has potential. ryder plunged earlier this year. lower forecast that was breathtaking. i'm taking a pass on that pass which brings me to the rails. oh, i like these stocks. unlike the price warring truckers and happile of agarrch.
6:20 pm
one can imagine how much they'll save if they switch to the natural gas engines. they have little overseas exposure. they have been hit and hit hard. generally because they carry coal and agricultural products and specifically the norfolk southern gave a nasty preannouncement. you should see something that positive that happens and i don't see anything positive happening at norfolk southern. and i don't see any comeback there. not an option. that leaves union pacific. unlike the other rails, union pacific ships powder river basin western coal that's the cheapest coal. so cheap that when natural gas goes above $3 like now and it's a real beach head there, the utilities switch to this fuel.
6:21 pm
they need fuel, and they'll go with coal. tons of auto exposure and a lot of this is new. oil as it's the one rail that's really moved aggressively into the eagle patches. ones that lack much you get the oil to the market. i like that. i always like the fact that stocks come down to levels much cheaper than where it's been historically. as the company continues to reprice contracts higher that's able to raise earnings. uni union pacific it's open and the one i'm going to toss to. if it's down will i toss to it. lest i'm worried about one defensive back out there and that's the chart which indicates that union pacific won't be able to hold on to the ball. otherwise i'll keep the ball myself. maybe dump it off into cash. remember, you don't always need to pass it. the bottom line, i have now completed my check down of fourth quarter opportunities based on the third quarter and i've limited it to one player -- the wide receiver that's union
6:22 pm
pacific. i'll go to him to pick up a quick six points or maybe more. after the break i'll try to make you more money. coming up, war on the web? the tech giants have been locked in a battle for search supremacy but after poaching one of google's top guns is it finally time to say yes to yahoo!? cramer decides. later industrial strength? prologis is at the center of the global supply chain operating a portfolio of distribution centers, warehouses and commercial real estate around the world. tonight, cramer is talking to the ceo to get a real read on the economy just ahead. all coming up on "mad money."
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when a ceo does something incredible, we stand up and take notice here at "mad money." that's a why tonight i want to give a big round of applause to marisa mare, the new ceo of yahoo! who took the helm in july and gave birth to a baby boy. just last night. congratulations on becoming a parent and just as an aside as a father of two girls. i think it's wonderful that we live in a world where the female ceo of a fortune 500 company can have a baby and take a well deserved maternity leave. but this is "mad money," not mad
6:26 pm
maternity. when i said she deserves a ruoud of applause i was talking about what she's doing for her other baby and that's yahoo!. that's because yahoo! never recovered from the crash of 2008. it looks like it's finally worth buying. yahoo! is one of the best-known internet brands on earth. i use it all the time. but it's suffered from years of mismanagement and undermanagement, which is why the stock has been flat lining for the last three years. just stuck trading around the same $15 or $16 range where it is right now. fabulous stock to sell calls against. the dilemma with yahoo! has been that the company has real value as it owns some terrific assets but in the past the people running the company have been unwilling or unable the ounlock the value. this is a company where the hole -- with a lot less than the sum of the parts. yahoo! is a classic breaking up is hard to do story. in these stories at a time when there's low growth around the world, management can make the stock go higher simply by deciding to spin off a division or sell off some assets and split the company.
6:27 pm
the real problem has been that management it couldn't get its act together. what's changed? first, some of it simply that with they have a ceo who is here to stay. now, that may sound like i'm criticizing her with faint praise. i'm not. the truth is yahoo! went through four ceo's before they put her in charge. without consistent leadership at the top there's no way that a company can execute a turn around strategy or any strategy for that matter. now that yahoo! has the leadership issues sorted out, it looks like she is committed to doing whatever it takes to unlock the the shareholders. at google she had a sterling reputation as behind many of the most beloved features that make google so unhappy. i love the happy birthday google last week. mare is a product person. if anybody can turn it around, it's her. i bet she can develop a mobile strategy too.
6:28 pm
however, even more important is that yahoo! figured out how to unlock the hidden value that wall street isn't giving any credit for at the moment. they have to monetize the assets that i mentioned earlier. that's why it made me happy when yahoo! announced they were hiring ken golden, effective october 22nd. he helped to restructure a software company that resold itself to oracle too. that's the kind of activist cfo that they need. the fact that she picked him tells them they're going in the right direction. the plan we will hear more about when they report in two weeks, i think the stock can start marching higher. the reason is simple. the company can get aggressive about unlocking the pieces and yahoo! has got a lot to unlock. whatth week goldman sachs came out with a terrific pieces. i said i'm changing my mind. this is really good research where they added yahoo! to the buy list based on the sum and
6:29 pm
parts of the analysis, some of the most rigorous analysis on yahoo!. let's go through the pieces. first, yahoo! owns a major stock in ali baba, like the ebay and paypal of china. the old management didn't know what to do with it. that changed back in may when the predecessor interim ceo ross levinsohn worked out a deal to have ali baba buy back half of the position. this sale closed less than two weeks ago with yahoo! netting $4.2 billion in cash and fees. and even better, yahoo! will return about 85% of the cash to you, shareholders. we're either looking at a huge dividend or a huge buy back. it would shrink the buy cap by 19%. that's what makes the stock go higher not the buy back stock, come out flat. now remember after this
6:30 pm
transaction yahoo! still owns 20% of ali baba. yahoo! can sell half of the stake at the time when ali baba becomes public whenever that might be. how much is it worth? goldman values yahoo!'s remaining ali baba position at $5.8 billion or $4.93 a share. i think that could be a low ball figure given ali baba's internet story. even though they pulled back from the highs it still made people a fortune since it became public in 2005. second, there's yahoo! japan which is the separate company publicly traded on the japanese market. yahoo! owns 35% of this monster and the stake is worth $4.77 billion. that's another $4.03 a share. then we've got the cash itself. by the end of the year goldman expects yahoo! will have $5.84 of cash per share. let's add up all the cash and
6:31 pm
investments. give $14.85 sans tax considerations but we haven't talked about the core business yet. right now it's trading at $15.82. in other words, when you consider the stake in yahoo! japan and the remaining stake in ali baba which is worth a bundle and the cash which is well, cash, then the market is valuing the core business, yahoo! search, yahoo! finance, yahoo! sports, these stocks, tremendous gravitas, at $1 a share. yahoo! believes it's worth $7.17 which means it it was to trade at $22. that's a remarkable, remarkable move you need to catch. it could be worth even more frankly. if you believe as i do that she has what it takes to turn this business around. again, i need to see mobile and i need to see social because that's where all the winners in tech have.
6:32 pm
bottom line when yahoo! was a headless company with no strategy for monetizing its assets it made sense for the stock to trade down here. now it has leadership and a turn around plan that we'll hear more about and the company is unlocking the hidden value like with ali baba. that means the stock goes higher. i say congratulations, marisa, you finally made yahoo! a stock that's worth buying. let's go to david in kansas, please. >> caller: hey, hello, jim, i'm a cpa from wichita, kansas. dropping a big boo-ya from the capital. >> i was with a bunch of guys this weekend with my daughter at school, we were all saying what is the subject that people should major in or take years of? it's accounting because there you get a job. i'm glad you mentioned that right up-front. >> caller: go cpas. i'm a long-time listener and first-time caller.
6:33 pm
i noticed aol had a nice run-up here and under the radar assets like mapquest. this seems to be a value opportunity. does it have more room to run? >> i happen to think that one of the most underrated ceos in this country is tim armstrong. people sold this guy short. i think he's a nice guy, i think he's great. i think he can go higher. let's go to eric in nevada. >> caller: jim, is the recent pullback a buying opportunity? >> look, they didn't make the numbers but i think the company has got a strong, strong position. i'm afraid of saying anything good about the guys because you pick up the paper and they pre-announced a down side or something. but that got strong -- network security, whether it be symantec or mcafee, that's when i want to be. don't forget life lock this week. steve in california, steve? >> caller: sunny california
6:34 pm
beach boo-ya to you from california. >> well, you've got the edge on me. >> caller: right on highway 1. >> all right. >> caller: news corp, they're going to be splitting up maybe. hear that might be a publicizing side and entertainment side -- >> 30 bucks, 30 bucks. that's where stephanie lincoln i think is headed. she's coportfolio manager with me. we think there's a $30 number comes when you break that into the pieces. it's a win. do you yahoo!? i think ceo marisa mayer is what yahoo! needed. i think she has what it takes to turn this company around. particularly when it comes to unlocking value. and the sum of the parts. congratulations, marisa. stay with us. coming up industrial strength, prologis is at the center of the global supply chain. operating a portfolio of
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distribution centers, warehouses and commercial rstate around the world. tonight, cramer is talking to the ceo to get a real read on the economy. i don't spend money on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row. ♪
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it is time, it's time for the lightning round. and then the lightning round is over. are you ready? time for the lightning round. yolanda in new york. >> caller: hi, cramer. how are you? >> great. >> caller: my husband and i watch you all the time and we think you're great. >> thank you. >> caller: we have communication stocks and we received an off tore buy some more at $8 a share. >> no, don't touch this thing. i think it's a bad company. it's just in a bad part of the whole space of telco. let's go to faysal in illinois. >> caller: big boo-ya. >> good to have you. let's make money what's the
6:39 pm
stock? >> caller: -- corporation. >> i once owned 4.9%. i know the company really well when i was at the hedge fund. i don't want to own the stock. it's too cyclical. matt in michigan? >> caller: yeah. from warren, michigan. the arsenal for the second world war. henry ford built a bomber every 55 minutes. anyhow, it's -- natural gas. >> ie'd hold on it. let's go to lucy, like lucy the elephant in new jersey when i was growing up. go ahead, lucy. >> caller: this is lucy from wayne. >> great people. i'm sorry. >> caller: thanks for taking my call. i wanted to ask you today about dex. >> oh, boy.
6:40 pm
i don't know where to begin. this is a one-way ticket to paradise. uggs have definitely peaked. the tom brady uggs not doing well, he had a good game yesterday. if martinez were to come on the show we'd feel a heck of a lot better. we need to hear from management. that's what going to turn the tide. i need to go to harlan in washington. >> caller: hey, jim, vancouver. i have celgene and the stock has moved up so much. do you still have a strong buy -- >> i like it and we're getting some good -- out of europe. i think i want to own celgene and buy celgene right here. let's go to janet in ohio. >> caller: yes, we love you here in ohio. >> thank you. >> caller: i'm calling about devin energy which i bought a while ago and i have been losing a pot load of money. >> me too.
6:41 pm
talk about david -- they said they were moving more toward oil. they have not been able to do so. it's a distinct disappointment. i'm not couching that. let's go to mary in california. mary? >> caller: boo-ya, cramer. >> go ahead. >> caller: can you give me the long and short of sears holding? >> until you tell me you want to shop at sears, i don't recommend it. eddie lam pard, he runs the company, but you know what? no. i won't shop there. i don't want to own the stock. i shop everywhere. jeff in minnesota. >> caller: from the land of the most undervalued football team in the nfl. >> i line ponder. he was back to the old fsu self.
6:42 pm
what's the stock? >> caller: what do you think of the steel company archer daniel? >> sell that stock, i don't want a steel company. that's the conclusion of the lightning round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by -- they don't know it yet, but they're gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids, [ children laughing ] move to the country, and live a long, happy life together where they almost never fight about money. [ dog barks ] because right after they get married, they'll find some retirement people who are paid on salary, not commission. they'll get straightforward guidance and be able to focus on other things, like each other, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. ♪
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today ben bernanke our valiant fed chief reaffirmed the thought of keeping the interest rates down. let me give you the basic cramer english translation. ben's once again saying buy dividend stocks, high yields.
6:46 pm
because if you went income from your investn'ts dividends are going to be the only game in town for years to come. bernanke is promising that the returns from bonds will be puny. same thing with cds. he can make that promise. you need to swap in the dividend stocks that's what we'll introduce you to prologis. it's a global real estate interest trust. they specialize in distribution space for customers that do business in multiple countries. that's why some of the biggest customer, dhl, amazon, pepsi -- pepsico and fedex. think of prologis, one that sports a yield, exactly the kind of dividend stock you want in the low interest rate environment. it's rallied since the beginning of the year, but late it's pulled back from three points. it could be giving you a good entry point here. first though, before making any decisions let's take a closer look with the chairman and
6:47 pm
co-ceo of prologis. brand new guest, brand new name. welcome to "mad money." >> nice to meet you. >> first, you just have the biggest building portfolio i've ever seen. it's global, right? giant? >> it is pretty big and important, right? >> the reason i asked, normally i like to have real estate investor guys on because they know the tenor of the united states but you have huge exposure. in your most recent comps you actually talk about -- what it's like in japan, china, brazil, canada. mexico. and these are doing very well. >> they are indeed. we're in 21 countries and with the exception of a few countries in europe, the rest of the world is actually doing really well. including some of the places in europe and northern europe, the u.k., turning the corner. so something europe has still got a ways to go. i would say the world after three or four years of being
6:48 pm
very soft in our business has really firmed up and is doing quite well. >> okay. how do you deal with the perception of the gloom and doom? in other words, if someone were to turn you on and say this man obviously has no real exposure to the economies, he would know better than you, but no one has the exposure you have? >> this is not new news, the fact that europe is in trouble is not new news. that has been more than adequately reflected in our valuation. in fact, i did the math at one point. i thought it was 3-x the real impact on us. so i think that's the old news. i think the new news is that after four years of virtually no construction, these markets are getting back into balance. and there are real opportunities going forward. >> you're both disposing and creating, right? you're in the build mode. there's not many guys in the build mode. >> we're doing about $1.5 billion of development this year. which is a pretty big number by most comparisons.
6:49 pm
it's certainly not what we think would be the run rate. the run rate would be something larger than that, about $2.5 billion going forward. but it's quite a few buildings around the world. >> now, wells fargo is saying you have -- they like your stock. you have to do the disposals or you'll come up short. come up short said to me, maybe do an equity offering. i'm not sure their analysis is something to agree with. >> we don't think so. based on the program we have underway we are 42% leverette today, which is right in the middle of most reads. by the time we're done we hope to be under 30%. which think we'll get it done by the end of 2013. >> okay. so the serial equity issuance is not something you subscribe to? >> no. >> a lot of people always are curious, say jim you so rely on net asset value. but unless the company is selling itself what does it matter? you've gotten that asset value -- you do this 35, 38,
6:50 pm
simply below the longer term value of $59 a share. how do we get net asset value from you? how do you calculate it? >> prologis went through a difficult period down the down period and it's amd and prologis merging together a year ago. totally different story, balance sheet and the like. we have by far the most dominant opener of rules data. the difference between us and the number two players on the order of 5 to 1. so i don't think we're being awarded that kind of premium where we're net asset value that most companies in our position get. so getting 35 to 38 of net asset values only the first step. i think the second step is earning that premium that goes with deleveraging and finally industrial rents are 25% below where they were in '07. if we just get that back, that gets us up to a very attractive
6:51 pm
valuation and good return. >> how many of your customers are u.s. customers that are purting up -- putting up buildings overseas? they need you overseas? >> our customers are global customers. where they're domiciled is not so important. their needs are all over the world. so we're doing business with european customers in asia, with asian customers in latin america. it is all over the place. >> well, look, i think this is a great product portfolio. once again as i said at the top of the show if you think europe can come back, you can get up to more than 25% in europe. that would be terrific. i want to thank you, hamdi. this is a new name for us, a ceo of prologis. a real grower with a good yield. "mad money" is back after the break. thank you so much. [ male announcer ] at scottrade,
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